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CS5000 Chainsaw with 18" bar and 1 chain.

LEA 50cc chainsaw with 18" bar.
LEA 50cc chainsaw with 18" bar.
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LEA  CS5000 45CM (18") Petrol Chainsaw. 

LEA 50cc Chainsaw With 18" bar and chain. 


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The petrol chainsaw from LEA is a robust saw with a powerful and efficient engine with a capacity of 50 cc and a nominal power of 2.2 kW, high-quality components and solid materials.

It is an indispensable tool for every gardener, both amateur and professional. Due to the high (3 hp) maximum power.  the chainsaw is ideal for cutting all sorts of trees, garden and fuel wood as well as for pruning.


- Maximum power 3 hp
- Engine capacity 50cc
- Guide bar length 18" (~46 cm)
- Air-cooled two-stroke engine
- Magnesium / Aluminium engine block
- Metal boosters
- Air filtration system
- Anti-slip grip
- Engine cushioning


- Power: 2.2 kW at 8000 rpm.
- Engine: 1-cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooled engine
- Carburetor: H142A/butterfly valve
- Spark generator: CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
- Starter: Mechanical starter gear - Guide bar: 18" (~ 46 cm)
- Usable length of the guide bar: 440 mm
- Type of chain: 0.325 inches x 0.050 inches x 72 DL
- Maximum chain speed of 21 m/s
- Idling speed: 2800-3200 rpm.
- Sound power level: 116 dB
- Weight: 5.1 kg
12 month domestic warranty. 

NOW €140 including nationwide delivery.  


LEA spare parts workshop.
LEA spare parts workshop.

Spare Parts For LEA 50cc Chainsaw

Here you will find the most common spare parts for the LEA brand of petrol chainsaw. If you have a requirement for an item which isn't listed please use the "contact us" form and we can assist you.