Loncin LC2000 Digital Inverter Generator.


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The Loncin LC2000 is a fantastic light weight digital inverter. Produces 1.6 Kw continuous power and features proper digital technology and an intelligent closed loop engine speed control system which can reduce fuel usage by up to 25%.

The PID closed loop engine speed control system used on the LC2000 is computer technology to make use of every r.p.m. the engine does and only use the bare minimal amount of fuel to generate the maximum power output.

This system saves a huge amount of fuel and keeps the engine running only what is needs to for any given situation and keep the noise level down to a minimum.

The Loncin LC2000 features digital SPMW technology which controls the sine waves of the power output and manages to create a power quality so good its no less quality than what comes out the wall on the national grid which meets AC Power Quality Rating ISO8528G2 with a THD (total harmonic distortion) of less than 5%!

This means that your TV’s, modem, printers, phone charges and all other electronic devices are perfectly safe when using the Loncin LC2000 digital inverter.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure the generator is suitable for your requirements. Our Staff can offer general advice but cannot specify a generator for you. Generators are non-returnable. Please always overestimate your usage.

Petrol generators are not suitable for full-time use on mobile homes, caravans or off-grid houses. For this, a good quality commercial diesel unit is recommended.