GBV270 is a powerful and efficient combined petrol leaf blower and leaf vacuum cleaner with a compact design. It can be converted from a lightweight hand-held leaf blower to an efficient leaf vacuum cleaner with a collection bag and built-in compost grinder which reduces the material by up to 1:10. The handle has a built-in vibration damper, so will feel a little loose (but is robust), and it absorbs the vibrations and makes the work more comfortable. Leaves and dirt are easily sucked up into the 40-liter collection bag, where a knife on the flywheel composts the leaves so that they take up as little space as possible in the collection bag.

The collection bag is equipped with a zipper that ensures easy emptying as well as a baby carrier. Weight as a leaf blower: 5.0 kg Weight as a leaf vacuum: 6.2 kg The leaf vacuum is delivered without 2-stroke oil!