Webb 26cc Petrol Split Shaft Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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€259.00 €239.00

Leave your ladders in the shed and say goodbye to precarious platforms. Safely tackle high and hard-to-reach hedges from the ground with the Webb WEPHT26 Long-Reach Petrol Hedgecutter, designed in the UK.

Features & Benefits 

  • LONG FIXED-LENGTH POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE GARDENS – with a huge 230cm reach, a 42cm (16.5″) blade length and a head that pivots through 90° this trimmer is the easy way to trim the sides and tops of tall hedges without using a ladder
  • RELIABLE SMOOTH 2 STROKE ENGINE – the 26cc 2-stroke petrol engine is designed and developed by Webb for outstanding performance, minimal vibration, low fuel consumption and long life
  • DUAL ACTION BLADES WITH RIGID BLADE GUARD – the double action is highly efficient and cuts neatly, cleanly and swiftly, and also reduces vibrations for less stress on your arms and hands
  • COMFORTABLE TO HOLD WITH ERGONOMIC HANDLES – specially designed for taller hedges, the split shaft hedge trimmer has a grip and a loop handle for excellent control