Mountfield 2240H Twin 102cm Ride-on Mower

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Powered by a powerful Stiga ST 600, 586cc Twin cylinder engine and possessing hydrostatic transmission, this lawn tractor is a beauty.

Twin contra-rotating blades cut and discharge clippings into the capacious rear-mounted collector in one smooth movement. It can also be used as a vacuum on your lawn to tidy up leaves in autumn! An alarm sounds when the collector is full and resets when emptied.

If you want to add vital nutrients back into the soil, simply fit the mulching plug (available as an optional extra) before mowing. This cuts the clippings even finer and discharges them back into the
soil surface. This also saves time emptying the collector (not that it takes long – you can do it from the comfort of the driver’s seat.)

With seven possible blade heights and a 102cm cutting width, the actual cut and finish to your lawn are second to none. This is a hardworking lawn tractor more than capable of coping with arduous workloads.

With a handy washing link that will allow you to clean you deck quickly and efficiently you will ensure any build-up of grass and dirt on the cutting deck is removed and avoid the deck rusting.