Gardencare GCBV262 Blower & Vacuum

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A powerful, dependable workhorse, Gardencare's GCBV262 Blow Vac will help you get your garden into shape. Powered by Gardencare's own Euro 2 compliant 26cc 2-stroke engine, this machine can be configured as either a blower or a garden vacuum. With a maximum airspeed of 124mph (55m/s), the blow function is ideal to gather scattered garden debris into a neat pile, whilst the vacuum function is great for hoovering up fallen leaves.

To keep you comfortable for longer, the GCBV262 benefits from an inbuilt anti-vibration system (AVS) to minimise the transfer of vibration from the machine to the operator. When used as in vacuum mode, the collection bag features a shoulder strap for optimum weight distribution and user comfort.

Ideal for collecting leaves, this blowvac benefits from a 10:1 mulching function. Its powerful vacuum action can pack 10 bags of leaves into just a single bag - maximizing productivity and reducing the number of trips to the compost heap or garden recycling bin.

The GCBV262 is powered by Gardencare's own 26cc 2-stroke engine. Euro 2 compliant, the engine has been optimised for blowvac operation. The extensive use of alloys in the engine results in a product which is lighter and easier to handle, tipping the scales at just 4.3kg.